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Day 7

The day began with a very nice paddle through the Florø canal. Wind conditions were varied throughout the day, even though the weather report predicted calm seas. Bergliot really got the hang of surfing and is no longer afraid of wind from behind. We were passed by many large ships and ferries. Unbelievably beautiful mountain formations - we could see an array of faces and animal shapes on the mountainsides. Very happy to finally arrive in Måløy after more than 12 hours of kayaking. Very nice couple helped us lift the kayaks onto the dock of Steinvik camping, and housed us in a fantastic apartment. The best warm shower and meal we have ever had!!!

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Wonderful to meet another great grandmother in Florø!

We got an early 4:30 am start this morning. We arrived in Florø before the strong winds. After setting up camp, we had a nice walk into town and had delicious Thai food. Looking forward to a long trip tomorrow with very little wind.

One more great grandmother!

One more great grandmother!

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Better safe than sorry! The high tide won't get our boats 😀

After kayaking 108 kilometers, we are having a day of rest at this stunning little island. Bergliot has decided to divide our trip into 4 day periods. The first period is completed. Yippee! We are spending this very windy, rainy day in our tent relaxing.



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God 17. mai!!!

Happy 17th of May!!!

Våknet opp til en flott 17. mai dag på vakre " Lammetun" camping. Oppatarten noe treg og kom oss ikke avgårde før kl 13 i dette fantastiske været. Dagen ble lang med litt navigasjons utfordringer. På turen møtet vi niser som fulgte oss litt på veien. Denne dagen rotet vi litt med å finne den før så godt planlagte teltplassen. Vi flirte ikke, men det gjorde lommen og rett rundt hjørnet var to otere travelt opptatte med å spise fangsten slik at vi nesten seilte på de og endelig fandt vi en akseptapel teltplass så seint som 20:30. Etter vel 7 timer i et i kajakkene var vi rimelig stive og tømming og sikker plassering av kajakkene tok tid.
Ilene satte opp telt og jeg ordnet mat. Når vi endelig kom i soveposene nesten midnatt trodde vi det skulle gå fort å sovne, men nei, vi og alt pakket vårt ble ved med å ende nede i det ene telt hjørnet 🤪. Opp og ut igjen for å flytte teltet.... endelig zzzzzz over midnatt. En fantastisk dag i vakre omgivelser.

My first 17th of May celebration since becoming a Norwegian citizen. Very special to spend the day kayaking and enjoying the incredible mountains and fjords of Norway 😀🇳🇴

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Beautiful 17th of May fjord crossing


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We kayaked long and far on day 3

After leaving Gro and Rolf's wonderful chalet, the weather got better and better throughout the day. We just couldn't stop paddling until we got all the way to beautiful Lammetun.

Lunch and nap on day 3

Lunch and nap on day 3

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A beautiful day crossing Sognefjorden!

We spotted an eagle before the crossing and another one wished us welcome to the other side of the fjord. We ended up at Gro and Rolf's amazing chalet at Dalesundet.

Midt i Sognefjorden

Midt i Sognefjorden

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A great day kayaking fron Litlehorn to Mjømna.

Big waves crossing Fensfjord. Bergliot is very proud of herself! A beautiful fox was awaiting us on the other side of Fensfjord.

Great start from Litlehorn on day 1

Great start from Litlehorn on day 1

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Starting the trip on Saturday May 14th!

Silas's birthday!!! 2 years old! Your great grandmother's are paddling to you!

Hello everyone!
It looks like the weather will permit us to start kayaking from our cabin in Austrheim, "Litlehorn," to our cabin in Finmark, "Idabu," today. The next two days will be spent practicing kayak rescue techniques as well as packing the kayaks so that we can always easily find what we need. We are thankful for all the helpful tips from our friends about route planning and safety. We hope to see many of you on the way. Please find us, bring or rent a kayak, and join us for a few days. Or just meet us on the route for a meal together. Here is the link to our GPS tracking: https://share.garmin.com/Berglene

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Kayaking haircuts ready to go!

Logan, the Barber of Bellevue, came over with his shaver and gave us paddling haircuts 🙂


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We are busy purchasing necessary items, planning the route, and gathering information for our exciting upcoming trip: padling from the cabin near Bergen up to the cabin in Finmark!

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